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 Week 5: Feb 9 - 15

Planning a Lesson



Week 5


During week 5 of the course, participants will:


  • share their digital stories
  • read about the revisited Bloom's taxonomy, Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
  • prepare a lesson plan that incorporates digital media into their content area to transform it into a 21st century lesson





Task 1 - Sharing your Digital Stories


a. Share the digital story you created during Week Four in our Ning digital storytelling group


b. Be sure to check out other participants' digital stories and comment on them.  What parts of these digital stories are especially effective?  You may want to refer to Digital Publishing Rubric to give you an example of how to analyze digital stories.



Task 2 - The Revised Bloom's Digital Taxonomy


Have a look at Bloom's Digital Taxonomy ( http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/file/view/bloom%27s+Digital+taxonomy+v2.12.pdf ) and answer the following questions in our Ning group forum.



What are the key terms of the "creating" aspect of the Taxonomy? What are the digital additions added to the Taxonomy and how are they related to integrating images in different classroom activities?


Choose a couple of suggested activities from the "Creating and Digital Activities" section of the document and explain how they can enhance the use of images in a classroom project.




Task 3 - Ready for your Final Task?


Now it is time for your final task!  You will prepare a lesson plan that incorporates digital media into your content area to transform it into a 21st century lesson.  How can the tools and ideas that we've learned about in the session be used in your educational setting?


Exploring these Digital Tools for a succesful lesson plan:

a. Have a look at the Adobe Digital Kids Club and collect ideas and tips for your own lesson plan. 


b. Another great resource is Digital Media Lesson Plans for Teachers. You might be interested in exploring the website before writing your own lesson plan.


c. The New York Times has some excellent examples of multi-media lesson plans for advanced learners. Just one example is "Surviving the Economics Downturn: Eating Healthy on Less" which incorporates pictures of people around the world with their weekly groceries.


Here's a basic framework to help you structure  a simple and effective 21st century lesson plan:





          Content Area:


Time Frame:


Overview of Lesson Plan:


Learning Outcomes:


Technological Resources (add link to them or post them on your wiki page)/materials:


Procedures (tasks):






Share your lesson plans with the group via our Lesson Plans Ning group .


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Office Hours - Synchronous Interaction


 Office Hours


At Skype

Help Desk for questions and support.

Skype ID: 






 Group Get-Together





Our Session Online Spaces


Our Ning Group: main environment, message board for announcements and discussions

Our Flickr Group: group photosharing space

Our Wiki: syllabus, weekly tasks, weekly discussion threads and tutorials

Our Diigo Group: online social bookmarking space where we keep all the resources being shared by the group


Click here to check your work for week 5


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