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 Week 3: Jan25 - Jan31







Week 3


During week 3 of the course, participants will:



You will need to register at each of our recommended sites in order to complete your tasks. You've already played around with the first site, Big Huge Labs, in week 2 to remix your photos. Now, we'll use Big Huge Labs to create a slideshow. The second site, Animoto,  requires you to have some photo images loaded on your computer. The final site, Slideshare,  requires you to create a slideshow in a powerpoint or keynote format, then upload the slideshow , or PDF of the slideshow, from your computer to the online website for slideshare.





Task 1 - An Overview of Slideshows


a. Check three of our favorite online slide shows, Big Huge Labs, Animoto and Slideshare







Task 2 - Examples of Online Slideshows


a. Check some of our examples of slideshows using our favorite tools:



You can include your own notes on the sidebar of the slideshow, the show will play continuously if you select that as an option. It is fast and easy!

Plus you can create links or buttons to put on your webpages.  View slideshow



Here is an Animoto that we used for our teaser for the K12onlineconference08. You will see what we mean about the music.






 Task 3 - Creating Your Online Slideshows


a. Now you get a chance to create your 3 slideshows.






Task 4 - Sharing your Slideshows


a. Access our slideshows group in Ning.  Share your slideshows examples and the reasons for your slideshows topics.


Great job for the week!



Office Hours - Synchronous Interaction


 Office Hours

 January 25, 2010 16:00 GMT.



At Skype

Help Desk for questions and support.

Skype ID: 








Our Session Online Spaces


Our Ning Group: main environment, message board for announcements and discussions

Our Flickr Group: group photosharing space

Our Wiki: syllabus, weekly tasks, weekly discussion threads and tutorials

Our Diigo Group: online social bookmarking space where we keep all the resources being shared by the group


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