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 Weekly Benchmarks 




Week 1 (Jan 11 - 17)


I have...



  • joined the Ning Group and browsed around
  • filled out your profile in Ning to let the images4education team know more about you and your goals for this online session


Week 2 (Jan 18 - 24)



I have...


  • written a short poem based on the "Where I'm from" poem
  • chosen and uploaded a photo to Flickr to go with my poem



Week 3 (Jan 25 - Jan 31)


I have...


  • browsed through the images4educations team examples of slideshows
  • created the three slideshows to see how the different platforms work
  • shared my slideshows examples and the reasons for my slideshows topics at  our slideshows group in Ning.



Week 4 (Feb 1 - 7)


I have...




Week 5 (Feb 8 - 14)


I have...


  • shared my story in our Storytelling group and checked what our group has produced.

  • interacted with peers, leaving comments and giving feedback on their stories

  • read about Bloom's revised digital taxonomy

  • posted to our Ning group forum my ideas on the connection between Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and exploring images in the 21st century classroom

  • explored some sites with digital lesson plans

  • prepared a lesson plan that incorporates digital media into my content area

  • shared my lesson plan with the group in our Lesson Plans Ning group




Week 6 (Feb 15 - 21)


I have...


  • checked other participants' lesson plans in our Lesson Plans Ning Group 
  • interacted with peers adding comments, feedback and suggestions to their digital lesson plans ideas.
  • accessed our Ning group Lounge and have written about my learning journey in this images4education session
  • interacted with other participants at the Lounge
  • taken the Session Evaluation Survey to give feedback to the moderators about the Images4Education
  • Graduated!!!





Our Session Online Spaces


Our Ning Group: main environment, message board for announcements and discussions

Our Flickr Group: group photosharing space

Our Wiki: syllabus, weekly tasks, weekly discussion threads and tutorials

Our Diigo Group: online social bookmarking space where we keep all the resources being shared by the group




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